To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]

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Since you are here, then I know that you are someone who is persistent. Because you want to quit smoking and you are looking for information and ways to make it happen.

And I really admire that.

For me, it all started when I got obsessed with this question:

What keeps people who want to quit smoking, including me back then, from taking the first step?

Is it the fear of failure?

Is the fear of the unknown?

Or maybe the fear that life won’t be as enjoyable without cigarettes?

And if all these fears were true, then how do we overcome them so we can make a serious quit attempt?

Why saying “I want to quit smoking” is not enough to quit.

After sitting down and interviewing smokers who want to quit smoking but can’t get started, I realized that they have 1 thing in common:

They can’t make a firm decision to stop smoking in the first place.

In fact, they don’t know HOW to empower themselves to make this kind of decision without having second thoughts along the way.

But having doubts only intensifies their fears. Because they feel they are making a sacrifice by giving up smoking.

Even worse, they feel quitting is hard because they think that the first step to quitting smoking is to stop smoking cigarettes.

It’s not.

According to the CBQ quit smoking method, the quit smoking method that has 94% success rate…

…stopping smoking cigarettes is the LAST step of your quit smoking journey.

The first step is to Choose to quit

Why You Need to Decide to Quit Smoking (before making a quit attempt)

Decision making is the one force that shifts the quality of our lives. It is the power we all have, and it is the starting point of any change.

That’s why, before doing anything else, you have TO Choose to quit. You have to make a decision to improve your health and your life. You have to say:

“THAT’S IT. NO MORE! I have to do something.”

Think about it.

You’ve probably said: “I should, I could, or I want to quit smoking” many times before. But for some reason, you couldn’t stay motivated and quit.

But why?

It’s because you never decided – really decided – to quit.

YES! The truth is that most people skip this stage because they mistake their desire to quit with a decision.

As you might have heard me saying before, the desire to quit doesn’t determine your commitment to follow through. A real decision does.

A decision prepares you psychologically. It makes you look forward to becoming a non-smoker!

So here is a list of the specific steps that will empower you to move forward with your decision to quit smoking.

Once you cross the 7 elements off of this list, you will be ready to get started.

Do you want to quit smoking? This checklist will get you started.

1. Set a quit date

Quitting smoking is a vague goal, so it’s overwhelming. Deciding when to stop smoking will help you move forward. Because that way you make your goal more specific and tangible.

So pick a date that feels right but is challenging at the same time.

Quit in one week, two weeks or a month. Just commit to it and note that day.

Circle it in your diary or put a reminder on your phone.

And Say out loud: “I am quitting smoking on (date)!”

2. Check your options

If you want to quit smoking, you have to examine your options beforehand.

primary To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]

Meaning that you have to decide how you are going to quit smoking.

  • What are the methods available to you?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  • And what factors or considerations will you use to weigh the options?

3. Identify your obstacles

Do you feel that quitting smoking is hard for you?

What specifically are you worried about?

And are these fears racing inside your mind and overwhelming you?

Get them off your mind by writing them down.

Tip: Write 10 things that prevent you from deciding to quit.

Are you afraid of failing?

Do you think that you won’t enjoy life without cigarettes?

Do you think you can’t do it?

Or maybe you don’t have all the support you need…

Getting really specific about the obstacles you might face in your quit smoking journey, will make quitting easier.


Because you will know what preparations you have to make and what precautions you have to take before your next quit attempt.

4. Know why you want to quit smoking

Why do you want to stop smoking?

Maybe your body has started giving you warning signs about your health and your energy.

Perhaps, you starting to realize that smoking has taken a toll on your pocket.

Or maybe you just want to live a long, healthy and happy life with those you love.

The problems is, that all of these powerful reasons won’t probably stay on top of your mind when you have a craving.

That’s why you have to write them down.

These reasons – your whys- will help you stay motivated without using your willpower.

Tip: Write 10 reasons why you want to quit.

Let’s do this together now.

Yep, stop whatever you are doing and make this list. Now, is the time, not tomorrow.

Ok, so what is your reason for quitting?

Maybe you want to:

•be healthy once again

•get your peace of mind back

•breathe better

•get rid of the cigarette smell

•stop wasting a fortune on cigarettes

•or feel vibrant and healthy

Whatever it is for you, just write it down!


5. Change your focus

Your focus is like a camera lens.

Whatever you focus on, you are going to see.

Screen Shot 2016 01 24 at 5.23.55 PM To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]

Whatever you see you are going to feel.

Screen Shot 2016 01 24 at 5.23.55 PM To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]

And whatever you feel will determine your decision to quit smoking.

Some people focus on what they will gain from quitting (point #4): health, time, energy, freedom and money.Others focus on their obstacles (point #3).

Now who do you think will want to quit smoking faster?

Who will be more determined to achieve their goal?

And who will be happier while stopping smoking?

That’s right. “The gainer.”

So you too have to make a conscious, daily choice of focusing on the benefits you will gain by quitting.

Tip: Stick a picture of your family or write something meaningful to you on the cover of your cigarette pack.

That will help you develop, gradually, a positive mindset about quitting, because you will start creating negative associations with smoking.

6. Quit the idea that you are making a sacrifice by quitting.


to people who want to To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]Work on developing the attitude that you are doing yourself a favor by quitting.

Not that you are giving up something you enjoy because you have to.

This simple shift in your mindset is what will keep you on track and make you feel good about quitting.

Listen. The nicotine will be out of your body within 2-3 weeks.

But the mental addiction… the thought that you have given up something you enjoy…

Well, this thought can lead you back to smoking even after you’ve beaten the nicotine addiction.

7. Reward yourself

Yes, you don’t have to wait to quit smoking to celebrate.

Reward yourself for every point you cross off this checklist- even with something small.

And then reward yourself for taking the decision to quit smoking.

We are creatures of habit. And we love to be rewarded.


So in order to break a habit, we have to feel rewarded for it every step of the way.

That way you won’t take your decision to quit lightly, and you will stick to it.

Tip: Treat yourself to something that costs as much as 1 or 2 cigarette packs.

That’s how you will start replacing, on the unconscious level, the value of cigarettes with other pleasures.

Remember: Others have done it, and so can YOU!

How to Start Your Quit Smoking Journey

1. Set a quit date.

2. Check your options.

3. Identify your obstacles.

4. Know why you want to quit smoking.

5. Change your focus.

6. Quit the idea that you are making a sacrifice by quitting.

7. Reward yourself.

If you feel that these 7 things are a lot to take in right now, I understand.

Sometimes we need, and it’s better to take slow and steady steps.

So how do you get started?

There are 3 tips you need to apply before your next quit attempt.

If you follow these quit smoking 3 tips, two things will happen. You will quit easily and you will double your chances of succeeding.

So go ahead and Click here to Download The 3 Irrefutable Tips you Need before Your Next Quit Attempt. (They are free and you will love them!)

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 To People Who Want To Quit Smoking But Can’t Get Started [Checklist]

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