Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over Them

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If quitting smoking were fun, there would be 0 smokers left in the world.

Do you agree?

9 out of 10 smokers describe the quitting smoking process as: “a miserable time” .

They say that quitting is so hard and that they felt so deprived… that they’d rather live a short life than a long and miserable one.

Listen. If that has ever happened to you, then know this: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

There is an explanation and a solution for all this.

But why do smokers find quitting so hard?

And if quitting smoking is supposed to be like that, then why do the smokers who use quit smoking methods like the CBQ method, find quitting easy?

Despite what most people think, quitting smoking is not supposed to be an ordeal. It’s supposed to be easy. And yes, even fun.

This might seem hard to believe at the moment, but I promise you that it’s true.

And the best way to start believing it is by removing the reasons that make quitting hard in the first place.

So here are the 7 reasons you probably struggle when trying to stop smoking…

…And how to get over them so you can become a HAPPY non-smoker.

After all, that’s the point. Right?

1. You Quit Smoking for the Rest of Your Life.

Wait. Isn’t that the point?

Well yes. The point is to stop smoking for the rest of your life. And to never miss cigarettes again.


If you say to yourself “I am quitting smoking forever; for the rest of my life”, chances are that you will feel overwhelmed.

Yes. Thinking “I will never smoke again” probably makes you feel deprived.

I mean, “forever”, “never” are big words. And the problem is that they make your goal to stop smoking seem unattainable.

You don’t need this extra stress when you try to stop smoking.

But what if you were to break down a vague goal like quitting smoking into more approachable steps?

Wouldn’t this make quitting seem easier and more achievable?

So what’s the solution?

You need to take it one day at a time.

Quitting Smoking The 7 Reasons You Suffer quit one day at a time Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over ThemHere’s what I mean: If you set your intention to stay smoke-free one day at a time… then quitting becomes much less overwhelming.

You get to celebrate every night when you get into bed for a job well done. You can put a sticker next to the date in your diary (I did that).

Something else you can do is to calculate the money you’ve saved each day you are smoke-free. Click here to calculate how much money you will save by quitting smoking. (Feel free to bookmark the calculator page so you can use it later too.)

If you think you’re going to crack without smoking, tell yourself  “I can have a smoke in an hour or so if I really want one”. You will probably have forgotten about it.

2. You Haven’t Made a Real Decision to Quit

Saying: “I should quit smoking” or “I will try and see how it goes”, is not making a firm decision to quit.
Really now, how many shoulds do you say every day?
“I should eat healthier.”
“I should exercise more.”
“I should call that person.”
But how many of these shoulds do you actually do?
Probably none.

The same applies to quitting smoking. Knowing or saying that you should quit is not enough to make you take action.

That’s why you can’t quit even if you know what smoking is costing to your health, your pocket and your loved ones. Your logic cannot overpower the emotional connection you have with your habit.

You know you want to do it – but there is something stopping you.

What’s stopping you is that you haven’t REALLY decided to quit.

You will take an iron-clad decision to stop smoking only when the should becomes a must.

The word decision itself comes from the Latin word de that means off and cadere than means to cut.

So literally taking a decision means to cut off any other options and make a promise to yourself that:

“I will quit smoking and nothing can stop me.”

And one of the reasons you can’t make a real decision to quit is that…

3. You Can’t See Yourself as A Non-Smoker

Quitting Smoking The 7 Reasons You Suffer You cant see yourself Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over Them

Let me explain.
At the moment, stopping smoking is a vague concept in your mind.

You have no empowering and compelling way of seeing yourself as a non-smoker.

And if you can’t imagine how good it feels to be a non-smoker…

How can you even DESIRE to quit smoking?

Being able to visualize your end goal is what determines your decision to quit in the first place.

But now being a non-smoker it is out of your perception. Or even worse, it is a painful image!

And why on earth would you want to go through a painful process to achieve a painful result?

You wouldn’t.

What to do

You will quit smoking without pain only if you create a compelling yet realistic image of yourself as a happy non-smoker.
You have to like the idea of being healthy more than the idea of having a smoke with your coffee.

Really. You must be able to feel all the benefits you will gain by quitting smoking:

•be healthy once again

•get your peace of mind back

•breathe better

•have more energy

•stop worrying about how smoking might be harming your health

•get rid of the cigarette smell

•stop wasting a fortune on cigarettes

•reclaim the lost youth from your appearance

•and live a long life with your loved ones.

•Or maybe just you are sick of being control by a nicotine stick.

Just imagine yourself being free.

And keep this image in your mind and every time you feel like giving up.

4. You Don’t Believe Quitting Smoking is Possible

I have seen confident and persistent people believing they can do anything… except quitting smoking.

Or even worse, they set off to quit without having a deep empowering and encouraging belief that they will be successful.

The problem?

If deep inside you believe that you are going to smoke again, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

blog 6 300x200 Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over Them

stop smoking

Believe me when I say that all smokers have limiting beliefs about quitting.

Otherwise, they would have already quit.

Limiting beliefs are all the things we think we can’t do.

Maybe because we don’t believe we’ re good enough or strong enough.

Or maybe because someone else made us believe that we can’t do something- whatever that is.

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t achieve a goal you set?

How did that affect your psychology and your belief in yourself?

If you don’t believe you can quit smoking, you will feel that something is holding you back from extinguishing your last cigarette- and that’s your own beliefs. Nothing more.

So yes, before moving forward, you have to believe 2 things:

  1. That it is possible to quit.
  2. AND that you can do it.

If you want to prepare for your next quit attempt having absolute confidence in yourself, download the 3 Irrefutable Tips You Need Before Your Next Quit Attempt to double your chances of succeeding. They are free, easy and you can start applying them today.

5. You Don’t Know How to Manage Your Emotions Without Cigarettes

There is no doubt that smoking helps you cope when you’re stressed or sad.

Every time you light up a cigarette you do it either to boost a good emotional state or escape from a bad one.
Think about it.

When you are stressed you will probably light up a cigarette or two to relax.- escape
When you are happy, you will smoke to complete that fulfilling moment- boost
When you are depressed you will smoke to feel better- escape

Cigarettes have become your comfort and your friend because they are always available to you when you need them.


Just imagine how it would be like if you didn’t need your smokes to go through your day.  

The key here is knowing how to:

  • Lift yourself up when you are down and
  • And enjoy yourself when you’re already feeling good

…without needing cigarettes, AND before you smoke your last cigarette. Learn more about that in the CBQ quit smoking method. 

Moving on…

6. You Light Up Without Thinking First

Behind every cigarette your smoke, there is a smoking trigger.

Smoking triggers are all the emotions, states, and situations that make you light up- instantly.

Most triggers are common to all smokers, but you also have your own individual triggers that come from your lifestyle. Learn more about the 4 types of smoking triggers. 

blog 3 Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over Them

smoking cigarettes

For example, drinking coffee, finishing your meal or feeling stressed… will probably make you crave a cigarette.

Or if you habitually smoke in your living room, then after a while just being in your living room will be enough to increase your craving for a cigarette.

Now does that mean that you have no power over your smoking habit?


The problem is that when you encounter a smoking trigger, you light up without second-guessing it.

And that’s what makes you suffer when quitting.

Because when you face a trigger, you get an overwhelming urge to smoke. And resisting is not the solution.

Because there will always be a smoking trigger to remind you of your habit.

What can you do?

Start by simply being aware and mindful of your triggers.

And when you want to smoke, take a moment before you light up.

At first, wait for 10 seconds.

After a while, start waiting for 15 seconds, then 20 seconds and so on. Extend the waiting period for as long as you can.

7. You don’t Have an Alternative

What smokers usually do is they try to resist smoking with willpower hoping that the desire to smoke will eventually fade away.
And it doesn’t.

Because you can’t just suppress or forget something, you’ve been doing at least 20 times per day for decades.

Every action produces an equal reaction. So the more you resist smoking, the more you intensify your urge to smoke. Because you think about it more intensely!

That’s also why you struggle with your cravings.

Because you focus your thoughts on the cigarette, you can’t have- instead of directing your thoughts and behaviors to other things irrelevant to smoking.

So the key here is to replace the thoughts and act of smoking with an alternative.

It is essential to form a new healthy habit that will replace smoking.

But be careful. This new habit has to:

1. Satisfy the same emotional needs that you currently fulfill with smoking. It has to fight boredom, stress and offer you relaxation and pleasure.

2. Occupy your mind and hands at the same time. Some people take on the challenge to develop a new skill like writing, cooking, knitting, crosswords, painting, meditation or yoga.

Maybe you’d like to make home-made soap!

As long as your new habit follows the above parameters, it will help you find satisfaction and connection in other things instead of smoking.

So in a nutshell, the solutions are:

why quitting is hard 1024x723 Quitting Smoking: The 7 Reasons You Suffer and How to Get Over Them

So that’s it. That’s all you need to do so that you can quit smoking without suffering.
The problem is that most people believe that quitting smoking equals pain. So they postpone it indefinitely.


And we know that here in Smoking Cessation Formula because we are proud to have helped over 8.400 smokers quit successfully with the CBQ method.

Wondering where to start?

Start by downloading the ONLY 3 Irrefutable Tips You Need Before Your Next Quit Attempt to double your chances of succeeding and make quitting EASY.

After applying these 3 easy tips you will be ready and excited to start your quit smoking journey!

Click HERE to download your free 3 quit smoking tips.


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