4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

4 smoking triggers 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

Why did you smoke your latest cigarette?

Most smokers believe that they smoke because they can’t help it.

The truth is that there is a reason behind every cigarette we light up.

And knowing the reason why you smoke, makes it a whole lot easier to tackle this reason and eventually quit.

Makes sense?

Ok so really now, I want you to take a moment and ask yourself this: “Why did I smoke?”

The answer is probably one of the following:

“I enjoy it.”

“I was stressed.”

“I just finished my meal.”

“I was bored.”

“I wanted to concentrate.”

“I’m used to it; it’s a habit. Something to do with my hands.”

So what are all these reasons?

Why do situations like these make smokers vulnerable ?

And is there a way to overcome them so that quitting cigarettes can become easy?  

Let’s see!

Why We Smoke

The reasons you smoke are the smoking triggers or else, the cues you encounter. After facing a trigger, you will immediately feel the need to smoke a cigarette.

What exactly is a smoking trigger?

The smoking triggers are all the states and situations that make you want to smoke. They are the reasons you light up.

Everyone has their own triggers that are formed based on their lifestyle. But there are triggers that are common to all smokers.

And knowing what your triggers are, can make quitting cigarettes easier. Because you will know how to plan for them.

But before we get into that, let’s see..

How Your Smoking Triggers Prevent You from Quitting Cigarettes

Let’s say you’re driving to work and you’re sipping on your coffee. At that moment, if you aren’t already doing so, you will light up a cigarette.

The 4 Smoking Triggers Or youve been smoking while driving 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems HardYou don’t know why you do this. But you know that if you don’t light up, you will feel that something is missing.


This happens because driving and drinking coffee are 2 smoking triggers.  So together they create an irresistible urge to smoke.

But why?

Simply because they remind you to smoke!

And here’s the thing:

You’ve probably smoked while drinking your coffee so many times… that you’ve stopped thinking about why you do it.

The same applies to all of your smoking triggers.

You’ve probably smoked so many times to relax from stress, that you think you can’t relax otherwise.

Or you’ve been smoking while driving for so many years, that you feel you can’t concentrate on the road without holding a cigarette.

As you can see, the only problem here is that you are used to smoking in certain situations. And you are so used to it that you do it automatically! Without thinking about it.

And the problem is that you can’t quit smoking if your triggers always trick you into having a smoke.

But what would happen, if you actually paid attention to your triggers?

Then you would make your habit less automatic. And you would be the one in control.

For example, if you catch yourself lighting up a cigarette…. simply ask yourself:

“Why am I smoking this now?”.

It doesn’t matter what’s your answer. What matters is that you are aware of why you smoke. And that’s the first step in quitting cigarettes successfully.

The 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

If you’ve ever told yourself “I can’t quit smoking”… is because of one or more of these four reasons:

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.48.09 PM 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

smoking triggers

Reason #1: Emotional Triggers

It took me a few years to see this simple pattern:

That all smokers, smoke either to boost a good emotional state or to escape from a bad one. These are the emotional triggers.

Think about it.

When you are drinking your coffee, you smoke to enjoy your coffee even more. —that’s a Boost.

When you are bored or anxious, you smoke to alter that state.—that’s an Escape.

When you feel depressed, you will smoke to feel better. —again, an Escape.

When you are with your friends, your colleagues, your partner, you smoke to connect and enjoy their company. — that’s a Boost.

So think about which emotional states you are trying to escape or boost by smoking.

Some people think that if they use nicotine gums, patches or sprays they can face stress or cope with their emotions.

The problem?

They soon realize that they feel as stressed or bored as before. If you want to feel good without smoking, stop taking these products. They are not the solution. 

What Is the solution?

You need to discover ways to relax and feel good without a cigarette ….before you quit smoking. 

The 4 Smoking Triggers 2 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems HardLet me explain.

If you had never smoked in your life, you wouldn’t be relying on cigarettes to calm down. And you wouldn’t be more anxious as a person. You would have found different ways to relax when you are stressed – like non-smokers do.

But now, you are just used to relaxing by smoking. That doesn’t mean that you can’t relax in other ways.

You can!

See, finding ways to relax without your smokes BEFORE you actually smoke your last cigarette… does 2 things for you:

◦ It removes the fear of quitting.

◦ It gives you practical ways to stay calm.

As a result, quitting cigarettes becomes a whole lot easier.

This might sound like common sense. And it is!

If you want to find ways to relax without cigarettes, make sure you follow the 3rd stage of the CBQ method.

Moving on…

Reason #2: Social Triggers

Social triggers can be 2 things.

  1. Social occasions. Social occasions are usually mixed with emotional triggers.

For example, if every time you are at a party, you smoke, then after a while you won’t be able to enjoy a party without smoking.

Because in your mind having fun at a party and smoking are one and the same.

Other social occasions can be:

  • a wedding
  • a promotion
  • your birthday
  • or even playing cards or gambling

But the strongest social triggers are…

The 4 Smoking Triggers 3 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard     2.  People. If you habitually smoke with your partner, your best friend, your colleagues or your neighbor, then after a while you will find it challenging to maintain a conversation with them without lighting up a cigarette.

You will feel that something is missing.

And when the people we see or love the most, are the people we share a smoke with…

… then we unconsciously fear that quitting smoking will damage our connection with them-even if that’s far from the truth.

Now I am not saying that you should stop associating with other smokers if you want to quit smoking. Of course, not.

But you must be aware of it.

That’s how you can start disconnecting the people you smoke with from your cravings.

Reason #3: Environmental Triggers

Environmental triggers are all the places you have linked to smoking.

It can be your:

  • home.
  • a friend’s house.
  • your workplace.
  • certain walking distances you make every day- e.g., from the office to the tube.
  • a bar or
  • your car.  Is driving the same without a cigarette?

If you habitually smoke while driving in your car, then after a while just opening the door of your car will be enough to increase your craving for a cigarette.

Context and environment are essential in the formation of habits; from eating junk food to working out.

So eliminating your environmental triggers is the key to smoking cessation.

Reason #4: Double-Habit Triggers

I call this category double-habit triggers because your desire to smoke is being triggered by other habits you have associated with your smoking habit. 

Think about it. Drinking coffee or alcohol, watching tv, eating and even talking on the phone are all habits.

And what’s the problem with double-habit triggers?

Your other habits are paired with smoking.

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.56.30 PM 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

Your daily life is the sum of your habits.

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.56.30 PM 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

Removing the smoking habit will make the rest of your habits seem incomplete.

That’s why smokers think that life won’t be as fulfilling without cigarettes- you might be in the same place too. I know I have.

Again, you don’t have to deny yourself your other habits.

You just have to be aware of which habits trigger your smoking urges.

How to Start Quitting Cigarettes Today

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 4 Reasons Quitting Cigarettes Seems Hard

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