How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

4 smoking triggers How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

If you want to know how to stop smoking immediately, then you’re in the right place.

But I have some good news and some bad news for you.

Bad news first.

Stopping smoking immediately does not mean taking a magic pill and getting rid of your addiction.

To be honest, I used to wish for such pill when I was a smoker.

But after creating a successful quit smoking method, the CBQ method, quitting myself and spending most of my life helping other people do the same, I realized something.

That even if this pill existed, it probably wouldn’t work.

Let me explain.

Quitting smoking is supposed to be easy. But only if you go through a process that detaches you from your smokes.

And it’s only through this detachment process, that you can quit permanently and never miss cigarettes again.

That’s how you can break free from this addiction.

Now if quitting was pill-like instant and easy, then people would quit impulsively.

And research shows that those of us who are a bit more impulsive, relapse within 8 days after quitting.

So we would take the pill, then relapse, then take it again, relapse and so on.

Think about it.

If you knew you could take this pill and quit anytime, wouldn’t it be easier to give in and smoke with a drink, while watching TV or when feeling stressed?

Even if you didn’t enjoy smoking anymore, the pure habit of holding the cigarette would urge you to smoke.

So you would spend your life quitting and relapsing. All your money would go on that pill.

Worst thing, you would never get the chance to see how amazing life is when you are not addicted.

More energy, health, confidence, certainty for the future, freedom, and peace of mind.

To experience all that -without missing cigarettes anymore-, you need to go through the quit smoking process.

Now the good news.

There is a shortcut to your smoke-free life, and it’s one that works.

What I’m about to show you is the fastest way to quit smoking.

For some people it takes a day for others, it takes a few weeks.

It all depends on how ready you are to stop smoking.

If you have already decided to quit, then you will succeed.

So, you can reach your smoke-free life faster… by weakening your smoking triggers.

Your smoking triggers are all the reasons that make you light up.

And if you remove those reasons, you won’t have to smoke anymore.

turn off cigarettes How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

Eliminating your smoking triggers is part of the CBQ method.
The CBQ method has 4 quit smoking stages:
1. Choose to Quit
2. Cultivate Your Potential and Crush the Fear of Quitting
3. Change Your Smoking Pattern
4. And Condition Your Smoke-Free Life.

And you eliminate your smoking triggers during the 3rd stage: Change your smoking pattern.

One of the things you do at this stage is you change how you feel about smoking and learn how to feel good without it.

So in this article, I will show you the 4 types of smoking triggers and how you can cope with each category so you can feel less attached to smoking.

And if you follow my instructions, then you will know how to stop smoking immediately. And you will quit much sooner than you expect.

That’s a bold promise, I know.

But all I’m asking is to put to the test what I will share with you. (And I’d love for you to email me with your results.)

Why Your Smoking Triggers Can Help You Stop Smoking Immediately

What are smoking triggers?

The smoking triggers, or else cues, are all the states and situations that make you want to smoke.

After facing a trigger, you immediately feel the need to smoke a cigarette.

Because your triggers are the reasons you light up. (Everyone has their own triggers that are formed based on their lifestyle. But some triggers are common to all smokers.)

Just take a moment now and ask yourself this question: “Why did I smoke my latest cigarette?”

The answer is probably one of the following:

“I enjoy it.”

“I was stressed.”

“Just finished my meal.”

“I was bored.”

“Wanted to concentrate.”

“I’m used to it; it’s a habit. Something to do with my hands.”

These are some examples of your (and everyone’s) smoking triggers.

But…What would happen if being happy, bored or stressed didn’t make you want to smoke?

What if you were able to watch TV, drive or have a meal without smoking?

And what if you could socialize or argue without having a cigarette?

Then it would be faster and easier to quit, right?

It would.

Why You Can Crush Your Smoking Triggers

You can crush your smoking triggers because they are nothing more than a reminder that you have to smoke in certain situations.

Yes, triggers are only there to remind you that you usually smoke in certain situations.

Let’s say you’re driving.

Driving is a trigger that will remind you to smoke.

The 4 Smoking Triggers Or youve been smoking while driving How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

If that trigger had a voice (bear with me), it would say something like this: “Hey, I see you’re driving now. You usually smoke when you drive, so I’m reminding you to smoke now.”

At that moment, if you aren’t already doing so, you will light up a cigarette.

You don’t know why you do this. But you know that if you don’t light up, you will feel that something is missing.


The reason you feel that something is missing is this:

You have smoked while driving so many times, that you’ve probably forgotten how to do the one without the other.

The same applies to all of your smoking triggers.

You’ve probably smoked so many times to relax from stress, that you think you can’t relax otherwise.

So the fastest way to quit smoking is this: when a trigger strikes, you do something else instead of smoking.

Soon enough, you won’t be reminded of smoking when you feel stress, drink your coffee or want to take a break between tasks.

Like we said before, there are 4 kinds of smoking triggers.

And there is a different way to handle each of the 4 types of triggers.

So let’s see what they are and how to crush them so you can stop smoking immediately.

The 4 Types of Smoking Triggers

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.48.09 PM How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

smoking triggers

Emotional Triggers

It took me a few years to see that all smokers, smoke either to boost a good emotional state or to escape from a bad one. These are the emotional triggers.

Think about it.

When you are drinking your coffee, you smoke to enjoy your coffee even more. —that’s a Boost.

When you are bored or anxious, you smoke to alter that state.—that’s an Escape.

Or when you feel depressed, you will smoke to feel better. —again, an Escape.

When you are with your friends, your colleagues, your partner, you smoke to connect and enjoy their company. — that’s a Boost.

So think about which emotional states you are trying to escape or boost by smoking. Make a list if you can.

Some people think that if they use nicotine gums or patches, they can cope with their emotions. The problem? They soon realize that they feel as stressed or bored as before. If you want to feel good without smoking, stop taking these products. They are not the solution.

See, there are many ways to quit smoking. But none of them will really work unless…

You discover ways to relax and feel good without a cigarette ….before you quit smoking.

The 4 Smoking Triggers 2 How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

Let me explain.

If you had never smoked in your life, you wouldn’t be relying on cigarettes to calm down. And you wouldn’t be more anxious as a person. You would have found different ways to relax when you are stressed – like non-smokers do.

But now, you are just used to relaxing by smoking. That doesn’t mean that you can’t relax in other ways.

You can!

How to Crush the Emotional Triggers

The solution here is as simple as finding practical ways to relax without your smokes.

Two great ways to cope with your emotions without cigarettes are saying empowering things to yourself and journaling.

Let’s say you find yourself in a heated argument.

Instead of lighting up to cope and calm down, remove yourself from the situation, take a notebook and start writing down all the things that make you want to explode.

After a page and a half, you will start feeling calmer.

Better yet, step away from the argument, go to your bathroom mirror, look at yourself and say things like:

“You’ve got this.”

“It’s not about me.”

“Will this matter in 10 years?”

Then go back and continue the conversation with a renewed sense of calm.

Social Triggers

Social triggers can be 2 things.

  1. Social occasions (that are usually mixed with emotional triggers.)

For example, if every time you are at a party, you smoke, then after a while you won’t be able to enjoy a party without smoking.

Because in your mind having fun at a party and smoking are one and the same.

Other social occasions can be:

  • a wedding
  • a promotion
  • your birthday
  • or even playing cards or gambling

But the strongest social triggers are…

2. People. If you habitually smoke with your partner, your best friend, your colleagues or your neighbor, then after a while you will find it challenging to maintain a conversation with them without lighting up a cigarette.

You will feel that something is missing.

And when the people we see or love the most, are the people we share a smoke with…

… then we unconsciously fear that quitting smoking will damage our connection with them-even if that’s far from the truth.

How to Crush the Social Triggers

To enjoy a conversation without cigarettes, talk a lot or drink a lot of water when you are not talking.

To cope with cigarette cravings in social situations, keep your mind busy by focusing on the person talking to you.

What are their facial expressions?

What little quirks do they have?

How many times do they look at their watch?

What else happens, is you might find it easier to tolerate boring conversations if you smoke.

But hey, you don’t have to! If someone is boring you, walk away, tell them, change the topic or think about something funny.

Life is short.

Environmental Triggers

Environmental triggers are all the places you have linked to smoking.

It can be your:

  • Home.
  • A friend’s house.
  • Your workplace.
  • Certain walking distances you make every day- e.g., from the office to the tube.
  • A bar.
  • Or your car.

If you habitually smoke while driving in your car, then after a while just opening the door of your car will be enough to increase your craving for a cigarette.

How to Crush the Social Triggers

Context and environment play a huge role and can strengthen or break any habit- healthy or not.

To eliminate your environmental triggers, redecorate your living room, take a different route to work or try going to new places.

If you can’t change your environment, keep yourself busy with a stress ball, fake-smoke a cinnamon stick, or play games on your smartphone (keeps your mind and hands busy).

Double-Habit Triggers

I call this category double-habit triggers because your desire to smoke is being triggered by other habits you have associated with smoking.

Think about it.

Drinking coffee or alcohol, watching tv, eating and even talking on the phone are all habits.

And what’s the problem with double-habit triggers?

Your other habits are linked to smoking.

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.56.30 PM How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers


Your daily life is the sum of your habits.

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 4.56.30 PM How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers


Removing the smoking habit will make the rest of your habits seem incomplete.

That’s why you may think that life won’t be as fulfilling without cigarettes.

But this just isn’t the case.

How to Crush the Social Triggers

You don’t have to deny yourself your other habits. But you have to disconnect them from smoking.

The easiest way to do that is by connecting them to a new activity.

Deep breathing works really well.

For example, if you are watching TV and you get the urge to smoke, start taking deep breaths while counting down from 10 to 1.

And keep doing that until you feel better.

The slow breathing will stop your heart from racing, the oxygen will light up your mood and the time of the counting will help you snap out of the craving.

If you do this deep breathing exercise every time you have a double -habit trigger, the breathing habit will replace the smoking habit.

Now you know how to stop smoking immediately.

When you face a trigger:
1. Acknowledge what type of trigger it is.
2. Replace smoking with another activity based on the trigger you’re facing.

What If You’re Not Ready to Quit Yet

If you’re someone who wants to quit soon but you don’t feel completely ready now, then start preparing for your quit smoking journey with the 1st quit smoking stage of the CBQ method.

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 How to Stop Smoking Immediately by Crushing the 4 Smoking Triggers

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