3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

3 SIGNS THAT YOU WILL QUIT PRIMARY 846x564 3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

“Do you have any quit smoking tips for me?”

That’s what most smokers ask me when they find out what I do.

And I love sharing what I know! So I wanted to share with you too the best 3 tips for quitting smoking.

These quit smoking tips work, and they can help you even if you have been smoking for over 40 years (true story).

So, if you’re tired of trying to quit smoking and failing.
If you think that quitting is hard.
Or if you have started losing hope and believing that you can’t get rid of this habit…

Please stay with me.

Because if you apply the 3 stop smoking tips below.. you will be done with smoking once and for all.

3 Quit Smoking Tips that Actually Work

Let’s get started

Tip 1. Have a 2-Step Plan to Stop Smoking

Having an effective quit plan consists of two things.

  • Setting a quit date.
  • Using a quit smoking method that makes quitting easy.

Knowing when and how you will quit, will give you 1 massive advantage: And that’s the advantage of clarity.


You are sitting inside a car, you are holding the wheel, and you are trying to drive for the first time without a method or a guide.

You are frustrated, you are pulling your hair, and for a moment, you think that maybe you are not meant to learn how to drive.
But …

What happens if someone gives you a plan? A strategy? Directions?
You have a moment of clarity.
You know you can do it – and you just have to practice.

The same applies to everything. Everything is easier when we have a strategy to tackle it.

For example…

How can we make our vacation easy and enjoyable? By planning for it!
How can we make a stressful day full of errands and responsibilities easier? By planning for it!
And how can we make our quit attempt easy? That’s right.. by planning for it!

Really, you can’t expect to break a 30-year-old smoking habit without a plan and a method.

But what’s the best method? This takes me to the next point, which is one of the most effective quit smoking tips.

3 SIGNS THAT YOU WILL QUIT 3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

Tip 2. Follow the 4 Quit Smoking Stages

Quitting smoking is hard when you don’t know what steps to follow. It’s like shooting in the dark.

Things become even harder when you don’t know how to reduce your cravings, your anxiety and the enjoyment you get from smoking.

But there is a solution!

You can quit easily without side effects if you follow the 4 quit smoking stages of the CBQ method.

Following these 4 stages, in the right sequence, can take you from a smoker who needs cigarettes to a non-smoker who is happier without cigarettes.

These 4 stages have been featured in places like TED talks and the Huffington Post because they have 94% success rate.

And they are:

Stage 1: Choose to Quit. In one of the first stages of quitting smoking, you prepare psychologically to quit, and you make the decision to be smoke-free in a way that empowers and motivates you.

Stage 2: Cultivate Your Potential & Crush the Fear of Quitting. This stage removes your fears about a life without cigarettes and strengthens your belief that you can quit and never look back.

Stage 3: Change Your Smoking Pattern. Here, you remove your cravings and get alternative ways to cope with stress and boredom so you can enjoy life better as a non-smoker. In this stage, you also smoke your last cigarette.

Stage 4: Condition Your Smoke-Free Life. In this last stage, you learn how to replace the habit of smoking with a new healthy habit so that you will never miss cigarettes or feel the need to substitute smoking with food or other vices.

To learn more about the 4 stages and how you can apply them to your own life, Click here to get the video of the 4 stages with your name and email address.

Tip 3. Find Your Powerful Motivation

Quitting will be incredibly easy once you find the real reason why you want to be smoke-free.

This reason will be your motivation throughout your quit smoking journey. It will help you reach your new healthy lifestyle – no matter what difficulties, temptations or setbacks you face.

When you see someone smoking in front of you, it is your BIG REASON that will allow you to say no without suffering!

The problem is that most people don’t know how WHY they want to stop smoking.

No smoking Day copy 3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

Quit Smoking Tips to Feel Motivated to Quit

Let me tell you Angela’s success story.

I remember the first time Angela came to visit me.

She was suffering from COPD because of her lifetime of smoking. As you may know, COPD and smoking make a bad combination because COPD creates serious breathing problems among its other symptoms.

Angela’s daily life was affected because she couldn’t do anything without coughing and wheezing. She couldn’t really enjoy her time with her family and what was bothering her the most was that she didn’t feel comfortable at her work.

And although quitting smoking was her only chance of getting her health back, I could see that she wasn’t happy about quitting.

She was doing it because she had to.

Because the doctors said so.

And because her family was pushing her.

Not because she was excited to improve her health.

So when I talked to her about why she wanted to stop smoking, she specifically told me:

“I am sick, do I need a bigger reason than that? If I am in that condition and I still can’t stop smoking, I am doomed, I will never do it.”

But that’s the common mistake smokers do: They try to find logical reasons about why they SHOULDN’T SMOKE.

Why Logic is Not Enough to Help You Quit Smoking

See, smoking is not a logical habit. It is an emotional one.

That’s why if you want a powerful reason to quit, you have to look for it in your emotions.

You see, the moment you decide to quit smoking because you “have to,” you feel decisive and sure of your success.

But as the days go by and the cravings start to get intense, you start losing your drive. And you are filled with doubts and second thoughts about quitting.

Unless you have a strong emotional reason to quit.

And this is something that no one talks about when they give tips to quit smoking.

Let’s go back to Angela.

So Angela knew that she had to quit for her health. That was her logical reason.

But it’s only when she found out her emotional reason…. that she flushed her last pack down the toilet.

What was it?

What made her quit?

As weird as it may sound, It wasn’t her lung condition. It was her desire to have a glowing skin again.

Yes, she wanted to look and feel young. Who would have thought that would be the thing that would make her quit smoking?

But it doesn’t have to make sense to others. It doesn’t even have to make sense. But It must have emotional significance to you.

So I am going to give you the same exercise I gave Angela. This is the exercise that helped her find her powerful motivation to quit.


Let’s do it.

How to Find Your Motivation to Stop Smoking

Take a piece of paper and write 10 reasons why want to quit smoking.

No Smoking Day 3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

Write how your life will be better. Why you need your life to be better. And how quitting smoking will change your life.

Really just write it down.

  • Maybe you want to break free from this addiction, and live a long, happy life with your loved ones.
  • Maybe you’re starting to realize that your health and your energy are deteriorating. And you want to do something about it.
  • Perhaps, you are struggling with your breathing. OR your heart is not as strong as it used to be.
  • Maybe you are just sick of the smell. And sick of having to draw money out of your pocket every day to pay the tobacco companies.
  • Or maybe, you just want to live. And travel the world with your loved ones without having to worry about your cravings.

Once your list is ready, scan through it and see which reason moves you the most. This is your powerful motivation!

The Quit Plan that Will Work for You Even If you Enjoy Cigarettes Too Much.

The second quit smoking tip was to follow the 4 stages of the CBQ method. These 4 stages show you how to stop enjoying cigarettes step by step.

And if you are serious about kicking this habit, then do Click here to get the video of the 4 quit smoking stages.

So far, the stages have helped thousands of smokers quit naturally and easily, and they will help you too.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address so I can send you the link to the video.

Get the exclusive free video of the 4 stages now.

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 3 Proven Quit Smoking Tips that Make Quitting Really Easy

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