My TED Talk on How to Quit Smoking [Video]

Nasia Davos Ted Talk Speaker 846x761 My TED Talk on How to Quit Smoking [Video]

The TED venue is choke-full. The event has started. I’m sitting on my chair, waiting.

Am I the next speaker, or the one after? I don’t really know, I’ve lost track of time.

My heart is racing. It’s safe to assume that I was nervous.

Suddenly, The lights are getting dim. The crowd is clapping.

I hear my name.Nasia, you are next”.

In those split seconds, I am repeating to myself” “You are greater than your addiction, you are greater than your addiction, you are greater than your addiction”. (I will tell you why in a bit.)

The more I say it, the stronger I feel.

My fear becomes excitement.

I stand up.

My feet start walking. My mind is stuck on “You are greater than your addiction”.

Before I know it, I am on the stage.

I can’t wait to show every smoker how they can break free from this addiction.

How? The rest is in this video below:

So why was I saying “You are greater than your addiction” ?

Well, that’s my favorite sentence of this 16-minute TED talk. Because it sums up everything I stand for: That all of us can do anything we want in life. That we are greater than our problems. That there is always a way to achieve what seems impossible.

After all, 5 years ago when I started creating, what became for many, a life-changing quit smoking system… I couldn’t imagine I would present it in a TEDx talk.

But before I explain why watching this talk now will fast-track your quit smoking journey, let’s pause to go through a brief background.

TED was founded in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman, as a small, Silicon Valley annual gathering. Although at first, TED focused on Technology, Entertainment, Design, today it covers various topics of “ideas worth spreading”.

I first heard of TED a few years ago, when someone sent me Tony Robbins’ powerful talk about what drives our behaviors and how we can change them. Since then I have been a “TED-worm”.

To cut my long story short, I was invited to do a TEDx talk about the 4 quit smoking stages of the CBQ method. The CBQ is the ONLY quit smoking method we use in the Smoking Cessation Formula and the Breathe Life Program.

This method helps you grow out of your habit naturally.

Without feeling stress.

Without willpower.

And without gaining weight.


By removing your desire or need to smoke BEFORE you actually smoke your last cigarette.

Despite what you may have heard, becoming smoke-free doesn’t have to be painful.

If you are looking for an easy way to start your quit smoking journey today click here to download The 3 Irrefutable Tips you Need before Your Next Quit Attempt.

They are free and you will love them!

Ok so here are some of the things you will hear in this TED talk “How to Grow to A Happy Non-Smoker”:

  • The 4 stages you have to go through so you can start disliking smoking without effort
  • How to easily replace the mental high your brain gets from smoking so you can feel happy while quitting
  • What’s the mistake you most likely do every time you decide to stop smoking
  • 3 simple steps to stop feeling like a smoker, even if you’ve been smoking for all your life
  • How your thoughts can affect your body without you realizing it
  • Why thinking about NOT smoking makes you wanna smoke more (or else the Pink Elephant Principle)
Screen Shot 2016 07 03 at 14.40.51 1024x722 My TED Talk on How to Quit Smoking [Video]

The Pink Elephant Principle on TEDx

  • A simple, powerful exercise to overcome cigarette cravings, food cravings and anxious, negative thinking
  • The one thing that will keep you away from cigarettes after you quit
  • …..and so much more

Click here to watch it.

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 My TED Talk on How to Quit Smoking [Video]

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