How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

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You’ve finally found it…

This article is for those who want to grow to a non-smoker; not force themselves to become one.

It’s all about how to quit smoking naturally and easily so you can get back your health, wealth, and peace of mind.

If that’s what you’ve looking for, then this post is for you.

You see — all smokers who are trying to quit, find themselves in various levels of STUCK.

There’s just so many things to change, so many habits to reverse!

And with all the methods and products out there, that overpromise and under-deliver, quitting gets really frustrating — and extremely hard.

Don’t you think?

But it is not your fault …what you need is a quit smoking method that makes quitting what it’s supposed to be: easy!

And that method is the CBQ quit smoking method.

The Cognitive Behavioral Quitting method – CBQ – is a unique sequence of simple scientific techniques that removes your need to smoke.

The CBQ method has been developed over 8 years of research and testing with the sole purpose of helping heavy smokers quit permanently:

  • without stress
  • without feelings of deprivation
  • without gaining weight
  • without willpower
  • and without nicotine substitutes and medications.

The CBQ method has 94% success rate. 85% of smokers quit permanently on their first attempt and 9% quit on their second or third attempt.

Over 8,400 smokers have been cured of smoking using the CBQ method. And it can work for you too! Click here to learn more about the CBQ method and how it works. 

Now let’s talk about why the CBQ method can work for you.

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The 4 Quit Smoking Stages of the CBQ Method

In my 8 years of researching, studying and modeling the psychology of addiction, I found the exact 4 mental, physical and behavioral stages everyone has to go through … to quit smoking naturally and easily.

In other words, the CBQ method works, because it follows the exact 4 stages, your brain gets attached or detached, from a habit or addiction.

Skip one of these stages, and you are guaranteed to fail, or relapse after a while.

But follow these 4 stages, in the right sequence, and you will see your desire for a smoke fade away, day after day. You will see yourself cutting down on your smoking- effortlessly. It’s science.

Don’t worry, the stages are super simple.

So now I will go briefly through each stage. And if you’ve tried quitting smoking before,  I want you to think which of the 4 stages was missing from your attempt to quit.

Are you ready?

Are you excited?

Here we go.

Stage 1. Choose to Quit

Before doing anything else, you have TO Choose to quit. You have to make a decision to improve your health and your life. You have to say:

“THAT’S IT. NO MORE! I have to do something.”

Think about it.

You’ve probably said: “I should, I could, or I will quit smoking” many times before. But for some reason, you couldn’t stay motivated and quit.

Maybe you felt stress.

Perhaps, you went through a difficult time.

Or maybe your cravings were just too strong.

My point is, something happened and you forgot all about your resolution to stop smoking.

But why?

If that has ever happened to you, it’s not because you can’t decide to quit. No.

It’s because you never really did decide to quit. You never set a goal and committed to it with all of your heart.

YES! The truth is that most people skip this stage because they mistake their desire to quit with a decision.

The desire to quit doesn’t determine your commitment to follow through. A real decision does.

Think about it like this: Starting your quitting journey without a decision is like waiting for a magical moment where you will start hating cigarettes — It’s not going to happen.

A decision prepares you psychologically. It makes you look forward to becoming a non-smoker!

So how can you prepare to quit smoking? Is it hard?

No, it is actually very easy.

There are these 3 irrefutable tips that you need to apply before your next quit attempt. If you do, you will quit easily AND double your chances of succeeding.

Only when you know and follow these 3 easy steps, you will have MADE a firm decision to stop smoking. And you will be ready to move on to the next stage.

Click here to download your 3 quit smoking tips. They are FREE, easy and most importantly, they WORK.

Ok, let’s say you made a real firm decision to quit. Now, what? Do you just try to resist cigarettes with willpower or buy a pack of nicotine gums? No.

crush cigarettes How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love CigarettesStage 2. Cultivate your potential

This stage has to do with focusing on your potential instead of what’s stopping you from quitting smoking.

It’s about helping you:

  • Understand why you CAN become a happy non-smoker.
  • Feel like a non-smoker.

Changing your life and becoming a non-smoker might be a scary thought.

And that’s ok. After all, you’ve probably been smoking for decades.

That’s why the least you can do before you quit is to prepare psychologically and become familiar with the idea of being a non-smoker.

If you force yourself to stop smoking, you will feel you are making a sacrifice by quitting. And this, in turn, will make you feel anxious and unhappy.

Think about it.

Have you ever agreed to do something you didn’t want to do? Something at work, or with your spouse maybe? You might have done it for a while but how did that make you feel?

Uncomfortable, stressed, irritated or even frustrated. Right?

Now take that feeling…. multiply it by 1.000… and what you have… is the way a smoker feels when she tries to quit smoking but still desires a cigarette more than anything in the world.

So how can you prepare for your smoke-free life?

  1. First You have to see yourself a non-smoker, instead of a smoker who is trying to quit. This simple twist in your mindset will make all the difference.
  2. Then being a non-smoker has to make you feel good.
  3. And of course, you have to believe that you can quit.

And I promise you: If you start working on one of these 3 things, you will start feeling like a non-smoker and the rest will follow.

The same way, if someone wants to lose 20 pounds, they have to be able to SEE the slimmer version of themselves.

Next, that slimmer version has to make them FEEL GOOD.

And most importantly, they have to BELIEVE that losing 20 pounds is possible. And believe that THEY can actually do it!

Now I am going to ask you 3 questions. Try to see how many “YES” you can answer.

  1. Do you believe you can quit?

Over the years, I’ve seen confident and persistent people believing they can do anything -except quitting smoking.

  • They either don’t believe it’s possible to quit.
  • Or they don’t believe that they can do it.

Believing that you CAN stop smoking is key to succeeding. MAIN 3 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

Remember back when you were at school. You probably hated, say, math- or any other lesson u didn’t like. I’m just choosing math because it’s the most common…

So you hated math. What did you do when you had to do equations?

You probably said: “It’s pointless to try, I am not good with numbers. I can’t do it. I’m not cut for this.”

In other words, you didn’t believe you can do it. So every time you had to do math, you were thinking about all the reasons you are not good at it.

And guess what! You were actually NOT good at it!

Because when we believe we can’t do something, we never really put our heart into it. So we never really know if can do it or not.

Makes sense?

Our beliefs have the power to create and destroy our attitude towards quitting.

So believe that you can quit. Because you can.

  1. Can you feel good without needing your smokes?

It took me a few years and several failed attempts to quit, to realize this simple truth: All smokers smoke either to boost a good emotional state or to escape from a bad one.

  • When you are drinking your coffee, you smoke to enjoy your coffee even more. —Boost
  • When you are bored, you smoke to alter that state. —Escape
  • When you feel depressed, you will smoke to feel better. — Escape
  • When you are with your friends, you smoke to connect and enjoy the social occasion. — Boost

What can we make of this?

Quitting smoking will be incredibly easy if you know how to cope with your emotions, relax from stress, concentrate and enjoy yourself without smoking.

This might sound hard. But I promise you that it’s nothing BUT hard when you follow the CBQ method.

  1. Do you feel confident saying that you are a non-smoker?

Do you know the saying “Once a smoker, always a smoker?”

This is a myth!

Being a smoker has been a part of who you are for so long… I get it.

But that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.

Think about it like this. At some point in your life, being “a student” was part of who you were. Now you are not.

Do you ever think to yourself “Once a student, always a student?”

Of course not.

Being humans, allows us to be whatever we want. The same way you are free to choose to see yourself as a non-smoker.


Takeaway tip: Start spending 2 minutes every day in front of a mirror saying: “I am a non-smoker.” This simple ritual can gradually train your mind to associate your image with the idea of being a non-smoker. Try it!

When you answer a confident YES to all three questions, you will be ready to go to the next stage.

Stage 3. Change your smoking pattern

My favorite way to explain to you what the smoking pattern is is by showing you the smoking iceberg.

Here it is:

smoking behaviour webinar How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love CigarettesMost people think that quitting smoking means: “stopping smoking cigarettes.”

You see, the actual action of putting a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it up, the “smoking behavior”… is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what everyone sees, but there is much more to it.

The real question here is this: What is making you grab a cigarette and light it up?

What causes the smoking behavior, is what’s under that iceberg. That’s the root of the smoking addiction.

As you can see in the picture above, at the bottom of the iceberg are your smoking triggers; That’s everything that triggers your cravings. Everyone has their individual triggers that are formed based on their lifestyle.

But there are triggers that are common to all smokers. These can be stress, your coffee, a phone call, driving in your car or watching tv. Click here to learn more about the 4 types of smoking triggers.

Now let’s say you’ve just finished a hard day at work. You get in your car and you start driving back home. That’s a trigger. Why does this make you want to smoke?

Because of the way you feel when you smoke.

The biggest part of the smoking habit is the way you feel when you smoke. That’s the real reason you smoke when you encounter a trigger.

Listen. At the moment, you have associated smoking with enjoyment and pleasure, so when you smoke your brain releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine.

That’s why smoking appears to help with stress.

That’s why you deprived when you don’t smoke.

And that’s why no willpower, gums or patches can make you resist a craving.

The biggest mistake that most smokers do…is they forcefully try to avoid smoking.

They try to resist their cravings and urges. They go against their desire to smoke.

And that’s too painful!

Because your Desire for smoking is just. too. strong.

You’ve been feeding this desire for YEARS. You can’t fight it WITH willpower.  It’s hard. Because our willpower is limited. And our feelings are UNLIMITED.

So you can’t fight your desire to smoke with willpower. It’s simply not a fair fight.

The same goes for all nicotine substitutes like vaping, patches, gums and so on.  These methods do not remove your desire for smoking.

Instead, they intensify this desire because they keep you addicted to nicotine AND to the idea that you need it to feel relaxed and happy.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple. You need to stop wanting to smoke before you actually quit.

Changing your smoking pattern means to change how to feel while smoking.

Because when you replace the pleasure you get from smoking with other feelings, like pain, then smoking will stop offering you enjoyment or relaxation. So you won’t crave a smoke anymore.

Imagine every time were about to light a cigarette…

…you felt disgust or pain instead of pleasure!

After a few attempts, your brain would stop asking for a cigarette, because the act of smoking would not be pleasurable anymore.

Now we both know, that knowing how to quit smoking naturally means nothing if it doesn’t stick with you, so the last stage is definitely …

Stage 4. Condition your smoke-free life.

Have you ever learned a new skill- like tennis, a musical instrument, a card game or even knitting….- and as the time passed without practicing that skill… you totally forgot it?

If that has happened to you, is because you didn’t condition that skill.

Conditioning something you have learned is as important as learning it.

And becoming a non-smoker is like any skill:

  • You first have to learn how to quit smoking naturally
  • Then you have to take action and do it.
  • And then you have to condition your efforts.

The good thing about quitting smoking is that you weren’t born a smoker.

NOT smoking is your default state, your true nature. You have an inherent inclination towards being a non-smoker.

So if you condition this state, it will stay with you forever.

Takeaway tip: Once a month, make a list of all the benefits you have gained by quitting (health, money, confidence).

That way you can condition yourself to remain smoke-free quickly and effortlessly.

4 Steps to quit smoking 2 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

How to quit naturally

Now, you know what are the 4 essential stages of quit smoking naturally.

Following these steps in the right sequence will take you from a lifetime of smoking to a healthy smoke-free life radiant with joy. A life you deserve!

All you have to do is:

Will the 4 stages of the CBQ method work for me?

The answer is: yes, it will. No matter where you live, how long you’ve been smoking, or what lifestyle you have, this natural method will work for you. Because the psychology of addiction works under the same principles for all humans.

And remember, as I always say:

The human mind is bigger than any addiction.

Before you go! Leave a comment below and let me know …

Which stage do you think is the most important to you?



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