How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

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If quitting smoking was easy, would you do it today?

If you just answered YES, then I know that a part of you does want to stop smoking.

I also know that there’s a reason you wanted to know how to quit smoking naturally.

Maybe this reason is your health and your family.

Perhaps you want to set a good example for your children, see your grandchildren grow and live a long happy life with your loved ones.

Or maybe, you’ve started seeing smoking for the poison it really is, and you don’t want to be addicted anymore.

All smokers have their own reasons for wanting to stop. But they don’t want to quit and suffer.

They don’t want to give up their friend and feel deprived for the rest of their lives.

Instead, they want to quit smoking without missing cigarettes ever again.

They want to want to quit.

Well, if that’s what you’ve been looking for…

 You’ve finally found it…

shutterstock 230911381 copy How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love CigarettesThis article is for those who want to grow to a non-smoker; not force themselves to become one.

It’s all about how to quit smoking naturally and easily so you can get back your health, wealth, and peace of mind.

If that’s what you’ve been looking for, then this post is for you.

You see — all smokers who are trying to quit, find themselves in various levels of STUCK. I’ve been there too.

There’s just so many things to change, so many habits to reverse and so much fear about how we can cope with life without our cigarettes!

And with all the methods and products out there, that overpromise and under-deliver, quitting gets really frustrating — and extremely hard.

Don’t you think?

But it is not your fault …Like I say in my TED talk, what you need is a quit smoking method that makes quitting what it’s supposed to be: easy!

But which quit smoking method makes quitting easy?

When I was a smoker, I tried to stop many times, and I am not ashamed to admit that I failed miserably every single one of them. No matter what method I used, I always relapsed.

I felt smoking was my crutch, my stress-aid, and my friend through hard times. I literally couldn’t imagine my life without smoking.

Or, at least, that’s what I told myself.

After I discovered how to quit smoking naturally without feeling stressed and deprived, something great happened: I smoked my last cigarette, and I felt so much joy and relief, that I only wished I had done it sooner. (But I will leave this story for another time)

The important thing is that the over 8,400 ex-smokers who’ve used my method, felt the exact same sense of joy when they quit.

And you can feel it too. As long as you decide to say goodbye to the cigarette friend.

Dear Cigarettes Quit smoking naturally How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

Now you are probably saying, “Well, once you get hooked to smoking it’s very hard to let go. It’s difficult to stop.”

But why is it so difficult to stop? That’s the real question we should be asking here.

Before we get into that answer, let me make something very clear. I understand that at the moment…The mere thought of quitting might overflow you with hesitation, anxiety, and fear.

So I am going to ask you to put that hesitation aside -just for now.



So first things first. It is impossible for me to tell you how to quit smoking naturally, before answering the question I raised a few moments ago:

“Why is it so difficult to stop?”

Here we go.

Why Quitting Smoking Seems Hard

Reason #1 (and only):

You Try to Quit while You still Desire a Cigarette.

Let me explain.

Most smokers believe they enjoy or even love smoking.

At the same time, they want to quit because smoking has taken a toll on their health, pocket, and freedom.

So here’s what happens: We want to stop smoking. We have the desire to quit. But we also have another desire: the desire to smoke.

So we experience a conflict of desires. We are torn.

Our desire to smoke comes from all the benefits we think we get from smoking.

We believe that smoking helps us socialize, enjoy life, take a mental break, keep our hands busy, concentrate, enjoy our “me-time” or even manage our weight. Right?

Think about it.

You probably genuinely feel that smoking is the only way you can relax from the anxiety and the stress of your work, financial, family or even health problems.

So why is it so hard to stop?

Well, because on some level you are afraid that if you quit you will lose all those benefits.

Understand this. The FEAR of feeling anxiety, deprivation, boredom and the fear of losing a source of enjoyment and the pure habit of holding a cigarette…are the REASONS why we keep on smoking.

And as long as we have reasons to smoke, we will always desire a cigarette.

MAIN 2 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

The problem? When you attempt to quit while still desiring cigarettes…

…one thing is bound to happen: you will quit fearing that the desire to smoke will never go away. And that this feeling of “something missing,” will leave you forever deprived.

I have to tell you, feeling deprived and unhappy as a non-smoker will drag you back to your habit, at the drop of a hat.

The biggest mistake smokers do is this: they force themselves to NOT smoke. But when we use our willpower, we suffer.

Because our willpower can’t remove our desire for smoking. The desire for smoking is strong because smoking is an addiction.

And our willpower is LIMITED.

So we cannot try to fight our desire to smoke and our addiction with willpower. It’s simply not a fair fight. It’s hard.

But if willpower can’t fight our desire to smoke, what can?


Nothing can fight our desire to smoke.

The only real cure for smoking is not to resist our urge but to obliterate it.

Removing our desire to smoke from the core is the only easy way to quit smoking naturally. 

If you try to stop smoking without removing your desire to smoke, then quitting will be extremely hard.

And even if you do quit for a short period of time, you will be feeling deprived and miserable without cigarettes.

Makes sense, right?

But if you think about it… Which method actually removes your desire for a cigarette?

Using the Common Methods to Quit Smoking

If, as I did, you have already tried to stop smoking with willpower or other standard methods, you probably found it hard to stop smoking… Or even hard to try.

Nicotine Products (Nicotine Replacement Therapy + Vaping)

Let’s take nicotine products as an example – patches, gums, lozenges and vaping all keep you addicted to nicotine.

Plus, they don’t remove your desire for your smokes. In fact, they intensify this desire.

Because substituting cigarettes with other forms of nicotine makes you feel that you are making a sacrifice by quitting.

So when you stop taking these products, you still feel deprived without your smokes. And… You end up smoking again.

patches and nrt How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

Cold Turkey

You may wonder how going cold turkey works out. When we use our willpower to stop smoking, what we are actually doing this: we first stop smoking and then wait for our desire to smoke to magically fade away by itself.

But it doesn’t.

Instead, we feel deprived, and the thought of a cigarette becomes even more precious.

And sure, you can “tough it,” for a short while, but you can’t go through life always putting effort to resisting a cigarette!! That’s not how smoke-free life is supposed to be like.

Smoking Pills

And let’s not forget smoking pills. These chemicals might stop you from smoking for a while. But they don’t remove the reasons why you smoke. Your desire for a cigarette is still there.

So what do you think happens few days after you stop taking the pills?

That’s right. You have a nice smelly cigarette.

So what’s the answer?

The Best and Easiest Way to Quit Smoking Naturally 

What all the above methods have in common is this: they only try to stop you from smoking cigarettes for a short period.

They don’t remove the fears that keep you lighting up one cigarette after the other. All the reasons you want to smoke, are still there.

No wonder why quitting seems hard.

Don’t get me wrong. The above methods have helped many smokers quit. This doesn’t mean, though, that they are the easiest and most successful ways to stop smoking.

It’s like catching a cold and trying to find the right cure. I am sure there are many ways to fight a cold. But would you rather use an outdated medicine that has helped few people in the past? Or use the newest discovery that guarantees you will be cured in the easiest way without any side-effects?

The second of course!

And quitting smoking is no different.

Please listen. No matter what method you choose to quit, you need to know this:

The best way to stop smoking is to stop desiring a cigarette BEFORE you actually stop smoking.

the worst way How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

the best way How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

Here’s why:

• It’s Stress- Free: when you stop enjoying smoking before you quit, you don’t experience stressful cravings, and you don’t overthink about the situations when you can’t smoke.

So you don’t feel anxious when you don’t have a cigarette. Because there is nothing to miss.

• It’s Permanent: when you stop desiring a cigarette, you don’t have any cravings, and you don’t even notice your physical withdrawal from nicotine!

So you don’t experience withdrawal symptoms like weight gain, irritation, loss of concentration, headaches or fatigue because there are no cravings to cause them in the first place.

Without withdrawal symptoms, you might even forget you were ever a smoker.

• It’s Easy: when you stop craving a smoke before you quit, you can’t possibly feel deprived without cigarettes.

Plus you don’t need to use willpower to stop yourself from smoking. Because again, there is nothing to resist.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can remove your desire to smoke.

Is there a method that does exactly that? A method that eliminates your desire for smoking BEFORE you actually extinguish your last cigarette?

Yes, there is!

That method is the CBQ quit smoking method.

turn off cigarettes How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

The Cognitive Behavioral Quitting method – CBQ – is a unique sequence of simple scientific techniques that remove your need to smoke.

The CBQ method has been developed over 8 years of research and testing with the sole purpose of helping heavy smokers quit permanently:

  • without stress
  • without feelings of deprivation
  • without gaining weight
  • without willpower
  • and without nicotine substitutes and medications.

The CBQ method has 94% success rate. 85% of smokers quit permanently on their first attempt, and 9% quit on their second or third attempt.

Over 8,400 smokers have been cured of smoking using the CBQ method. And it can work for you too! Click here to learn more about the CBQ method and how it works. 

THE REAL REASON 2 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

The CBQ can work for you no matter how long you’ve been smoking, how much you smoke and how much you believe you enjoy or need smoking.

And if you believe the saying “Once a smoker, always a smoker” let me reassure you that it is a myth.

Being a smoker has been a part of who you are for so long… I get it.

But that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.

Think about it like this. At some point in your life, you were a teenager. Now you are not.

Do you ever think to yourself “Once a teenager, always a teenager?”

Of course not. Your teens was a phase of your life that passed and gave way to better and greater things.

The same goes for smoking.

Every smoker has the innate ability to become a happy non-smoker…As long as they use a quit smoking method that works.

So why does the CBQ method work?

How to Quit Smoking Naturally with the 4 Stages of the CBQ Method

In my 8 years of researching, studying and modeling the psychology of addiction, I found the exact 4 mental, physical and behavioral stages of quitting smoking. Going through them… is the key to quit smoking naturally and easily.

In other words, the CBQ method works, because it follows the exact 4 stages, our brain gets attached or detached, from a habit or addiction.

Skip one of these stages, and you are guaranteed to fail, or relapse after a while.

But follow these 4 stages, in the right sequence, and you will see your desire for a smoke fade away, day after day. You will see yourself cutting down on your smoking- effortlessly. It’s science.

The 4 stages of quitting smoking are very simple.

The name of each stage starts with the letter “C”, so a simple way to remember them is by calling them “the 4Cs.”

They are:

4 Steps to quit smoking 2 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

How to quit smoking naturally

Stage 1. Choose to Quit

This stage prepares you to quit so you can make a real decision and commit to quitting smoking. Click here to learn what you have to do in stage C1. 

Ok, let’s say you made a real firm decision to quit. Now, what? Do you just try to resist cigarettes with willpower or buy a pack of nicotine gums? No.

crush cigarettes How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love CigarettesStage 2. Cultivate your potential & Crush the Fear of Quitting

In this stage, you remove the fears stopping you from becoming a non-smoker so you can believe that quitting is possible and believe that you can do it. Click here to learn what you have to do in stage C2.

Believing that you CAN stop smoking is key to succeeding. MAIN 3 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

Stage 3. Change your smoking pattern

In this stage, you break your smoking habit, eliminate your desire for smoking and smoke your last cigarette.

A big part of this stage, is knowing how to cope with your emotions and feel relaxed without a cigarette. Click here to learn what you have to do in stage C3 so you can feel better without smoking. 

Stage 4. Condition your smoke-free life.

This stage ensures you remain a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life without feeling deprived, suffering from stress and gaining weight. Click here to learn what you have to do in stage C4. 

Now, you know the 4 essential stages you need to follow so you can quit smoking naturally.

But follow the sequence (Choose-Cultivate-Change-Condition). Don’t mix up the stages. I have tested this method again and again on all kinds of smokers.

And I can promise you this:

Following these steps in the right sequence will take you from a lifetime of smoking to a healthy smoke-free life radiant with joy. A life you deserve!

Best thing? They are incredibly easy. 

the best way How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

How to Start Your Quit Smoking Journey (and make it easy)?

As you probably know by now, the easiest way to stop smoking is by following the proven 4 stages of the CBQ method.

So if you want to quit successfully without missing cigarettes ever again, click here to access the exclusive video of the 4 quit smoking stages. 

In this free video I show you:

  • what you need to do in each stage
  • and how you can use the CBQ method, starting today.

This is 100% free. All you need to do is put your name and email address so I can send you the link of the video.

And if you’re someone who’s just tired of trying to quit and failing, then there’s a special free gift waiting for you at the end of that video.

Get the 4 stages of the CBQ method now.


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 How to Quit Smoking Naturally Even if You Love Cigarettes

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